June 4, 2009 he, will not only celebrate his 75 th birthday, but also the 40 th
anniversary of his Budokan Karate Dojo. Still actively teaching he has a loyal
following from the west coast as well as his students from the New York area. He
began studying Matsubayashi - ryu in the early 1960's under Ansei Ueshiro. He was
awarded Shodan, from The Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine. In 1969 he received
permission to open the Budokan in East Northport, NY. It became the American
headquarters for four years while Omine Chotoku Sensei , the chief instructor for the
Okinawan Hombu, lived and taught at the Budokan Dojo. he attained Sandan Under
Omine Sensei's direction. and he visited Master Nagamine in 1980, 1986, and 1991
for 55 th Anniversary of the World Shorin -Ryu Karate -Do Federation . Also, the 85th
Birthday of the Grand Master. At that time he was a 7 th Dan and a World delegate for
Matsubayashi Ryu.
Each day you can find he practicing Kata...His philosophy is simple..kihon, kata,
bunkai,yakusoku kumite, and makiwara. And to always train his students body , mind
,and spirit. His wish is to keep the spirit of Matsubayashi - Ryu alive and hopes that
we can all get along and work together. One of the last of the old timers, his devotion
to Matsubayashi remains as strong as ever.